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Hosting Technology

The multiple server cluster with failover is designed for two purposes - maximize website performance and eliminating prolonged downtime. Our enterprise level hosting is the same solution used to host high traffic mission critical websites.


Typical Standard Web Hosting

  The majority of web hosting providers offer a setup with no redundancy. If the server your website is hosted on fails the end result will be prolonged downtime (hours and even days) until fixed. In addition, all major server software (web server, email server, database server) are located on the same server creating a bottleneck that can lead to slow performance.
  The diagram above illustrates an example of a typical web hosting setup. One server carries all the load and if it fails your website will be offline to visitors until the problem is resolved.
  The New Failover Hosting Technology
The new server offers a redundant setup that distributes the load across multiple servers to improve overall performance. Additionally, all data (web, email, database) are mirrored in real-time and in the event of a server failure our failover application will route all website traffic to the available server keeping your website online until the problem is resolved.


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